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Container Queries

Container Queries

Container queries enables encapsulation of adaptive styling based on the size, style or state of a parent element. This allows responsive component-based architectures, like design systems and component libraries, to provide the most optimal responsive styling within a component itself. This is a game changer for responsive design.


Container Queries, the next step towards a truly modular CSS on iO TechHub


Container Queries at Devoxx 2022 on YouTube
Container Queries at Devoxx 2022 on YouTube


I had the opportunity to share this topic at the upcoming or past events:

Event Topic Date Location Country
Devoxx Antwerp Belgium
Frontmania 2022 Utrecht Netherlands
DeveloperWeek Europe 2022 Online Global
Frontend@Scale by Rabobank Online Global
Front-end meetup Eindhoven Eindhoven Netherlands
CodeMotion DevCast Online Global

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