Sometimes, I'll get on a stage and talk about the stuff I like. Like rocking out, but with less noise. Afterwards, I'll post my slides here. Other times, I'd like to go to places and meet people and talk about the Web.


DevoxxCascade Solves StylingAntwerpBelgium
iO Front-end Developer DayCascade Solves StylingDen BoschNetherlands
Tweakers Developers SummitContainer QueriesUtrechtNetherlands
Coven of WisdomContainer QueriesHerentalsBelgium
JSHeroesContainer QueriesCluj-NapocaRomania
Modern Frontends LiveOpenAPILondonUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Visug XLOpenAPIHasseltBelgium
DevoxxContainer QueriesAntwerpBelgium
Frontmania 2022Container QueriesUtrechtNetherlands
Full Stack Antwerp meetupOpenAPIAntwerpBelgium
DeveloperWeek Europe 2022Container QueriesOnlineGlobal
Frontend@Scale by RabobankContainer QueriesOnlineGlobal
Front-end meetup EindhovenContainer QueriesEindhovenNetherlands
CodeMotion DevCastContainer QueriesOnlineGlobal
Tech Tuesdays TilburgOpenAPITilburgNetherlands
Tech Fair LiveOpenAPIOnlineGlobal
Ministry of Testing meetupOpenAPIEindhovenNetherlands
Eindhoven front-end meetupOpenAPIEindhovenNetherlands