Maarten Van Hoof


Front-end developer

Pixeo is a 5-person digital agency based in Arendonk, Belgium.

We provide full digital coverage for small to midsize businesses who actively want to invest their resources in a digital future.

The combination of a company's branding, tone of voice and future goals with our research, digital expertise and solutions, creates in a unique formula on which a company can thrive in today's digital jungle.


I started at Pixeo in January 2013 as Junior Front-end Developer, designing and programming websites.

I immediately received the opportunity to roll out a fresh boilerplate for our .NET WebForms (VB) in-house CMS, Creatr. This boilerplate has known very fast iterations thanks to the great boost in front-end technology the last five years. From simply concatenating and minifying then to a complete build system which protects code-style and optimizes performance.

As the only full-time Front-end developer back then, I quickly learned how to take a leading role in my field.

  • Observing the latest technologies
  • Put tailored solutions based on those observations on the table.
  • Clarify the approach
  • Implement
  • Evaluate

Because of our small team and the mostly short-term projects, we can quickly adapt and upgrade our tech-stack per project.

By my proposal, we evolved from a legacy shared SMB development workflow to a modern-day cross-platform, version-controlled, code-conventionalized workflow with automatic builds, auto-deployments to both staging and production environments.

Since 2014, we extended Creatr to include an e-commerce platform. I provided design and code for a reusable, easily customizable template. This template is still maintained to this day and remains the boilerplate for most of our new e-commerce projects.

Pixeo office picture

From front to full

Starting early 2016, with the advent of .NET Core and the refreshed vision of Microsoft and its products, the momentum to give our primary product, Creatr, a much-needed renovation presented itself quite clearly.

.NET Core excels when used server-side, but it cannot keep up with the rapid evolution of a front-end tech stack and building a complex GUI based on asynchronous events. After careful consideration, we opted for a SPA based on a modern JavaScript framework.

I took the initiative, focused my resources on learning both .NET Core, C#, EF Core, ... and a modern-day ECMAScript tech-stack, mostly React and Vue.

Last quarter of 2017, under my technical supervision, the decision to create a new application framework from the ground up was made. This framework and its conventions will be the foundation of our new in-house CMS and all new web-based projects. Needless to say, this decision directly influences the long-term future of our company.


Of all the work currently found on the Pixeo website (Dutch), I have directly or indirectly worked on.