Fullservice Digital Agency

ISAAC, based in Eindhoven NL, is a fullservice digital agency fond of delivering e-business solutions for complex questions. ISAAC excels at e-commerce, e-finance, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality.

Starting in May 2019, I've joined the front-end team at ISAAC to built awesome web-experiences. I focus mostly on implementing Vue.js & Nuxt in enterprise level web applications. ISAAC has ~~weilded Mjolnir~~ proven their skills by being crowned #1 Fullservice Digital Agency 2 consecutive years in a row in 2018 and 2019.

As a profound advocate for qualitative User eXperiences, I quickly joined the ISAAC Testing Guild, cross-company group featuring members from all specialisations which ISAAC has to offer, where best practices around testing software are researched, documented and offered to the entire ISAAC team.

I am currently taking a deep dive in said OpenAPI specification and set a personal goal of becoming the de facto person to talk if you have any OpenAPI questions.