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ISAAC, based in Eindhoven NL, is a fullservice digital agency fond of delivering e-business solutions for complex questions. ISAAC excels at e-commerce, e-finance, Artificial Intelligence & Virtual Reality.

Starting in May 2019, I've joined the front-end team at ISAAC to built awesome web-experiences. I focus mostly on implementing Vue.js & Nuxt in enterprise level web applications. ISAAC has proven its skills by being crowned #1 Fullservice Digital Agency 2 consecutive years in a row in 2018 and 2019. In 2020 ISAAC became part of the West-European full-service powerhouse Intracto Group.

As a profound advocate for qualitative User eXperiences, I quickly joined the ISAAC Testing Guild, cross-company group featuring members from all specialisations which ISAAC has to offer, where best practices around testing software are researched, documented and offered to the entire ISAAC team.

Open Source

A company like ISAAC, one that provides and builds large-scale software solutions, relies daily on Open Source Software. Without it, we, let alone the modern world, wouldn't be standing where we are today. The foundation of the entire modern economy is maintained by passionate developers who care and who are eager to share their solutions with others.

ISAAC believes that a passion for open source, open standards and contributing to ‘the community’ is a valuable part of a modern-day developer’s life and why it, as an enterprise, has the obligation to give back to the Open Source.

Together with Friso Geerlings (CTO), Koen Peters (Technical Director Front-end) and Jelle Raaijmakers (former Technical Director PHP), we've penned down our vision and mission towards the Open Source Community. This has resulted in the ISAAC Open Source Manifesto.

Because of the clear benefits in our day-to-day workflows and all-round Developer Experience, this manifesto now offers our developers the opportunity to dedicate time to Open Source Software. To raise awareness with, I've been giving the opportunity to host Lunch 'n Learns and co-organize the first company-wide Open Source Contribution Day, a virtual hackathon dedicated to contributing to Open Source Software where participants were received a whole workday to contribute to their favorite Open Source projects.